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CONSTRUCTION NOTICE: Orange Road (Llewellyn Road to Gates Avenue)

6/15/2017 10:32:56 AM  •  Alerts  •  Message ID 1013699

The Township of Montclair has contracted with Cifelli & Sons for construction of street improvements on Orange Road. Work is scheduled to begin on or about Monday, June 19, 2017, weather permitting. Construction activity will be on Orange Road from Llewellyn Road to Gates Avenue.

Improvements will include new granite block curb, as well as concrete driveway aprons and corner handicap ramps as necessary. This project will also include paving later in this year’s construction season.

No parking will be allowed on the street during the day while construction is in progress. The street may also be closed to traffic at various times during the day. If you must use your vehicle(s) during the day; it should be removed from your driveway and parked on a side street by 7:00 A.M. Access to your driveway will also be restricted for several days (and nights) while the curb is being installed in front of your property and while the concrete driveway apron is curing. Additional information regarding the construction is on the reverse side of this notice.

Utilities -- gas, electric, water will be marked out by the appropriate utility company prior to the start of construction work. Please mark out any private underground sprinklers, invisible fences or other privately installed items prior to construction to avoid damage.

The supervisor for this project is Rob Bianco. If the supervisor is not on site, we ask that you do not approach the contractor but immediately call the Department of Community Services at 973-509-5711. The supervisor will contact you by phone and/or return to the job site within a short time.

Please obey all signs and use caution when driving or walking in this area.

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